Appointments and Prescriptions

How to Register with the Surgery

When you join the practice you will be registered with 'Seal Medical Group' and not with an individual Doctor. You are always free to choose which Doctor you see. We do, however recommend that you stay with one Doctor through anyone particular illness.

How to make an appointment

what goes on inside?

To see your doctor please telephone 01243 608202 or call at reception during surgery hours to make an appointment, alternatively use the online appointment system.

As Monday morning is the busiest time of the week, please avoid telephoning then for non-urgent appointments or results. Please make it clear if your problem requires urgent attention. Some slots are reserved for same day appointments. These are suitable for problems which cannot wait. If you are very ill you will always be seen on that day, but not necessarily by your own doctor. You can see any of the doctors, but it is always best to stick with the same doctor for anyone problem. We also offer pre-bookable telephone consultations. Try to make follow-up appointments well in advance. If you need to speak to a doctor or nurse phone as early as possible and the reception­ist will take a message.

We are not responsible for the waiting times to see other agencies who work in the Medical Centre e.g. Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Continence advisor, Counseling. They are not employed by us but by the Primary Care Trust who decide what level of manpower they will provide for Selsey.

Cancelling an appointment

Please telephone the reception desk if you need to cancel your appoint­ment, leaving enough time so that we can offer the appointment to some­body else.

Home Visits

Visits will be made on medical grounds only, please telephone before 10.30am. A brief summary of the problem helps us to assess priorities. Emergencies are dealt with immediately.

Sickness Certificates

You do not require a doctor's certificate for any illness lasting seven days or less. Your employer may however require you to complete a self-certi­fication form (SC1) which is available from your employer. For any illness lasting longer than seven days you will need to see the doctor to get a sickness certificate (med3) and for any subsequent renewal of the certifi­cate. A fee is payable for all other certification.


All prescriptions are recorded on the practice computer. Patients on long term medication will need regular prescriptions. For long term prescriptions we can issue a 'repeat slip' which lists repeatable items. If you tick the box opposite the item you need and send the slip to us or one of the towns chemists, you will get a new supply. The slip has an expiry date. Near to this date you must see your doctor so that the need to continue the drug can be assessed and also any necessary tests or investigations can be organised to ensure your continuing good health. If the computer indicates that you may be using more medication than prescribed, our secretary will send you a message to that effect.

what goes on inside?

Allow two working days for your prescription to be processed. If you have more than one item on repeat please try to order all your items together. Both the local chemists collect signed prescriptions from the Medical Centre daily. When more medication is needed they will also bring in your request slip if you drop it in to them. The computer generates a prescription which is checked and signed by a doctor. The signed prescription can be sent to one of the local chemists who will dispense your medication, or you can collect the prescription from the Medical Centre and take it to another chemist to be dispensed. Please let us know which method you prefer. If you require any medication not listed on your repeat slip you should make on appointment to see the doctor. At holiday times you may need medication earlier than normal. A note saying this will save us bothering you.


You can now make an appointment or obtain your repeat prescription online. However to gain access to this service you will have to apply in person at the surgery to obtain a registration letter. This will provide you with the information required to register online.